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Introducing 'beasts In Sneaks'

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We love us a bit of , and LA-based illustrator Ryan Sands is the latest to attempt to capitalise on the huge crossover market of people who love sneaker culture and also love cartoons. He's created 'Beasts in Sneaks', an apparel and print brand that depicts original characters that are clearly spawned from some famous Air Jordan colourways. Sands cleverly circumvents the copyright trap by forging an alternative monstrous Jumpman to sub in for the famed airborne MJ. These monsters are like what the Space Jam villains should have looked like; they're a lot more menacing than the hopeless blobs that couldn't take down Mike. Sands has also created a short animated film to provide the back-story on how these shoe-monsters came to be, and it involves radioactive shoes and worm holes and failed space programs – in short, it's as silly and plausible as any justification of how a comic superhero got their powers. You can watch the clip below and head to the Beasts in Sneaks website to peruse the range if you're digging the images.

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