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Brad Hall Talks The Sneaker Unboxing Game With SF

Brad Hall is a polarising curiosity of the sneaker community, whose reviews have done what was thought impossible – make unboxing videos interesting to the general public. Hall's awkward, and dry AF approach to unboxing has left many viewers confused. Entertained, but confused all the same. Is this guy for real? Is it all an act? Is he actually an industry plant fabricated by Nike blogs-lords to sell some future product? Until recently, Hall has kept quiet about his endeavours. This week Sports Illustrated got in touch with him chat about his motives, but their interview is shit. They spoke to Brad Hall the man. We spoke to Brad Hall the shoe horn using lover of "Michael Air Jordan dunking". We spoke to Brad Hall the sneaker unboxer.

What motivated you to begin unboxing, and reviewing sneakers? Were you dissatisfied with current unboxers?

You said the Air Jordan 11 in Legend Blue was the G.O.A.T., is there a second place?
What I meant to say was that the Air Jordan XI model was the G.O.A.T. In terms of colorways, the Legend Blue pair is third, behind the black and red pair and the concord pair.

How does one who loves sneakers so much, wear brogues on the daily?
I only like wearing sneakers on special occasions like funerals or wakes! Dress shoes get the bulk of my daily wear because I feel comfortable letting them take a beating.

What makes a good sneaker box?
A good, sturdy cardboard. Wood is intriguing but a bit overkill.

How about a shoe horn?
A shoe horn is a shoe horn. No matter what material or shape, a shoe horn helps you get your foot inside a shoe. That being said, I’m releasing a custom shoe horn very soon and it’s the best I’ve used.

What's the best tasting sneaker you've indulged your pallet with?
I don’t fancy myself an expert, but from my limited experience they all taste pretty bad.

How do you control your enthusiasm when holding the works of art you review?
I’m glad you think I’m controlling it! I was afraid my enthusiasm was over-the-top and obnoxious, so before shooting my most recent video I tried calming myself by performing deep breathing and Kegel exercises.

You've done on court, what other scenarios can we expect to see you review sneakers in?
I’ve been more interested in finding alternatives to Internet web videos for my reviews and right now I’m leaning toward the bright lights of the stage. I’d love to go on tour and perform sneaker reviews live at theaters in cities across the country.

You obviously play ball, which team do you back?
The ’95-96 Chicago Bulls

So far you've only reviewed basketball sneakers. Have you though about expanding into other varieties?
I’m definitely planning on branching out. I love all sneakers, from basketball sneakers to casual sneakers to the Alpro G500 clog in white.

What do you think of the Yeezy 350 Boosts? Cop or drop?
I just filmed a video for the Yeezy Boost 350! I’m hoping to release it very soon. Spoiler alert—I loved them!

Is there a sneaker you haven't reviewed that you would like to review?
That’s like asking someone who loves pizza is there a type of pizza that you would like to eat right now! Obviously, the answer is all of them. But unless I quit my job, lock myself inside my home, and force myself to film shoe review videos nonstop for decades, that’s not going to happen.

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