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Interstellar Expo - La

Our homegrown Jeremyville will be present alongside dozens of artists across many disciplines all heralding the art of urbanism on July 7th/8th in Los Angeles.

There is literally something for everyone. They have managed to cater for students through to corporates. Flip the Page - Students and upcoming artists can have their portfolio evaluated by their industry peers and a multitude of businesses have been invited to scout for their next graphic artist, fashion designer etc. Key contacts within the press have also been included to unearth and help publicize tomorrow's Fafi.

Proddy, proddy and more proddy will be on display and most of the exhibitors will also have stalls to purchase the goodies.

Interstellar will be packed with lots of hands-on creative workshops and many have to do with sneakers. Come witness their Sneaker Hall of Fame. Artists from around the planet were asked to create their dream customized kicks and Interstellar will be presenting the best of the best of them.

If you'd like to compete in the Sneaker Hall of Fame competition, send your sneaker photos to: [email protected]

REGISTER FOR THE EVENT HERE - www.interstellarexpo.com

Check out the amazing lineup of artists whose work will be shown.


JABA- BELGIUM: www.jabaone.com

JEFF SOTO - USA: www.jeffsoto.com

MISS VAN - FRANCE: www.missvan.com

MARK RYDEN - USA: www.markryden.com

AMENTH - INDONESIA :www.theyhatemydesign.net

THE DISPOSABLE HERO- USA:www.thedisposablehero.com

BANKSY- UK:www.banksy.co.uk

SHIN TANAKA - JAPAN :www.shin.co.nr

JEREMYVILLE - AUSTRALIA: www.jeremyville.com

REZINE - FRANCE: www.rezine69.com

MIKE GIANT - USA:www.mikegiant.com

SLORK- ITALY: www.beathole.135.it

FRANK MORRISION - USA :www.morrisongraphics.com

ERNIE BARNES - USA :www.erniebarnes.com

JULIE WEST - UK :www.juliewest.com

BANDO VISUAL PLEASURE- ITALY: www.visualpleasure.net

HICALORIE- UK:www.hicalorie.com

SEEN- USA: www.seenworld.com

AMY SOL - USA:,www.amysol.com

CHASE- USA:www.theartofchase.com

CHARUCA - SPAIN: www.charuca.net

TARA MCPHERSON - USA: www.taramcpherson.com

MR. WANYUES - ITALY: www.wanyone.com

BLUE PANTHER - USA: www.blupantha.com

DAVID ABADES - SPAIN: www.davidabades.com

REVOK- USA: www.revok1.com

BISHOP- FRANCE: www.bishopparigo.free.fr

KAWS - USA: www.kawsone.com

BUNNY KITTY - USA: www.bunnykitty.com

AUDREY KAWASAKI - USA: www.audrey-kawasaki.com

URBANMEDIUM- USA: www.urbanmedium.com

HAZE- USA: www.interhaze.com

TATS CRU - USA: www.tatscru.com

GARY BASEMAN - USA: www.garybaseman.com

MISTER CARTOON -USA:www.mistercartoon.com


GUADALUPE ARAMBULA- MEXICO : www.chica-ska.com

DZIA=KRANK: BELGIUM: www.dzia.be

SABER- USA: www.saberone.com

FIXEUNO- MEXICO : www.fixeuno.com

MARS-1 - USA: www.mars-1.com

FAFI- FRANCE: www.fafi.net

DALEK - USA: www.dalekart.com

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