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UK artist and kinkster Insa has been hard at work. After finishing up his latest campaign with Nike and his 'Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places' exhibition, he's nw preparing to release a brand new collection of pumps. Known for his foot fetish and love of beautiful women, Insa has incorporated both these traits into the perfect footwear for the sassy 'n sexy ladette. No word on when the new collection will drop, but no doubt once these sizzlers hit shelves, they'll be snapped and flossed in a jiff!


After amassing an impressive following with their first release, INSA HEELS is moving forward with their new collection worthy of the attention of any high-end footwear fashionista. It takes street style aesthetics into high fashion- with a mixture of luxury fashion forward shapes and reinvigorated classic styles.

London based INSA HEELS, a joint venture by artist INSA and shoe designer Ruth Shaw, is a bold backlash against mass production and is establishing itself as an independent luxury footwear brand. With small limited edition releases, produced in top end materials by traditional Italian artisan craftsmen. INSA HEELS are for the highly individual and discerning. They are for those fluent in the urban. These heels will be coveted, desired and treated with fetishistic attention. Add them to your collection before they are gone.,

INSA is a fine artist and designer who has established himself from a graffiti background through extensive street level work and gallery
shows around the world. Throughout his career, INSA has aloud himself to explore different approaches and outlets for his artistic agenda, including designing signature collections for brands such as Kangol and Oki-Ni. Ruth Shaw graduated from the renowned Cordwainers College ten years ago. She has been successfully designing shoes in London since. The duo’s shared love of sneakers and heels drew them together. Combine INSA’s iconic artwork with Ruth’s footwear craft design and INSA HEELS are realised.

Colour plays an integral role in this new collection. On the ‘Miami’, a round toe 6” heel platform court, INSA HEELS use bold graphic prints on strong clean shapes with intense vivid colours inspired by INSA’s days of spraying paint. Along with the other two pieces, this collection really bring his artwork to life with the ‘Throwette’, a leather and suede ankle boot with 4” heel and under shot platform, mimicking his classic street logo (or throw-up as its known in the graffiti world) of a pink high heel and striped contoured leg. Then the ‘Stand Alone’ truly shows the original and creative angle that INSA HEELS are approaching fashion, with its sculpted caricature heel based on the leg and heel drawings INSA is now famous for, and the chrome and pink finish really sums up the retro-futuristic aesthetic of these beautiful high heels.

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