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G-Shock X In4mation

Hawaiian boutique In4mation have hatched a fresh G-Shock and Baby G that are headed our way this June. While the Baby-G lights it up with a striking hot pink display, the G-Shock adopts a more neutral, colourway:

From in4mants.com:
In4mation would like to introduce its Spring/Summer 2010 set of watches with a new G-Shock GLX-6900 model along with a In4mation Baby G-Shock. In4mation has taken a new approach with its design and focused its watches for more of a everyday use with subtle battleship grey’s with contrast hints throughout both watches. We decided to utilize the battleship grey colorway so the watch could worn on the daily in all conditions weather it be surfing , skating or just doing your thing . In4mation continues to establish its attention to detail and elevate its approach to design along side of G-shock’s superior technology.

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