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07 Jun 2007

Industry News

I Pity The Dolls Exhibition


Featuring over 150 vintage Mr Dolls, all made from Miss Martha Originals pattern book (which was published through a license with Big T Enterprises, Mr. T’s licensing company)complete with full glossy color pictures on how to create your own “soft sculpture” Mr.T doll. Made from aunts, mothers and various other family members throughout the world, Greg and Mike have amassed this amazing collection and toured it around the States for this one off killer exhibition.

Not one Mr T Doll looks the same, as each creator has been influenced by their surroundings. On one wall you'll have a blacker than black, true to the original Mr T, then on another you'll see a white albino doll riding high on a motorbike. The makers impression on this truly cultural phenomenon is what makes this exhibition so amazing. Some have included gold chains and Nike Dunks, while others have stripped their dolls bare or interpreted Mr T as to how they would wan him to look!

Having gained national attention through features on VH1, Entertainment Weekly and various online publications, the duo was able to secure some well known artists such as Martina Secondo and Frank Russo of MF Gallery, Bill Mcright, Tadpole, Magmo the Destroyer, MCA of Evil Design, Ssur, Freaklub (Spain) , BA Team (Netherlands), Rich Browd, Chase Whitaker, Jeannette Harshbarger, Radd, Niall McClelland, Whitepanic, and Twerps. The artists were coaxed into asking family members to make the dolls from the original pattern book and then they themselves would "pimp - out" the dolls to their liking.

The best part about this exhibition is that ach doll is going to be sold via private auction with all money raised and the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society as a tribute to Mr. T, and Mike and Greg’s mothers and their own struggles with cancer. So not only is it an excuse to take a look at one of America's most revered TV personality, its also going to bring much needed awareness to the American Cancer Society.

Brought to you by Greg Rivera,, Kidrobot, Miss Martha Originals, RedStripe, Oxycottontail, Mishkanyc, Art Hijack, Digital

Opening June 9th, 7-10 pm
Orchard Street Art Gallery
139 Orchard Street (Between Delancy and Rivington)
Lower East Side, Manhattan.

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07 Jun 2007

Industry News

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