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Hype Into Handbags: Introducing ENMABAG

ENMABAG Air Jordan 1 J Balvin
ENMABAG Air Jordan 1 Kickbag
ENMABAG Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0

ENMABAG is an all-new project helmed by professional dancer and creative Sara Biv, which combines her love for sneakers with her infatuation for handbags. Unlike other customisers that upcycle sneaker-themed accessories from shoe scraps, ENMABAG preserves the original form of the footwear source, while adding functional handbag components.

The project may have only launched in mid August, but the one-off Kickbags are already selling quickly. So far, the base sneaker has been the iconic Air Jordan 1 which, as it turns out, can function as a working unisex handbag in its largest sizes. For example, ENMABAG’s latest release using the ‘Shattered Backboard 3.0’, started life as a size 18 men’s shoe! While previous drops, such as the ‘UNC’, measure in at size 11.5 women’s, resulting in a more petite package. And the brand has no aversion to using hyped colourways in their LA workshop either, such as the tie-dye J. Balvin collaboration.

As far as the transformation goes, ENMABAG grafts a drawstring sack closure to the ankle collar, while the laces are removed and a vertical zipper is added to the tongue, allowing access to the contents inside. A leather base and midsole strip is sewn to the soles, which is aesthetically in line with a traditional handbag, while also adding anchor points for a woven shoulder strap to be attached.

Check out the ENMABAG collection here.

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