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Huvrboard Or Hover-Hoax

Could this really be one of the biggest trolls of the century, or has the small MIT-based team that form 'HUVR' defied the odds and truly unlocked the worldly secrets of Antigravity. While we would love to believe the latter, there are definitely some questions that cannot be ignored.
Tinker Hatfield, the brains behind the infamous Back To The Future Nike Air Mag project, recently dropped bombs that auto-lacing would become a reality in 2015, getting us all a bit excited. Could this be a sly under the table ploy between the forces to set the stage for the Air Mag release, or simply a bunch of cheeky scientists using smoke and mirrors to cash in on the unwavering dreams of BTTF fans? Cruel, yes, but that's people.

Credibility is one strong point that the team from HUVR has used to stake their claim, enlisting some very well known names to showcase their product. The video features cameos from skateboarding forefather Tony Hawk, a string of celebs including Moby, Billy Zane and rapper Schoolboy Q, but the most crucial of all appearances comes from Doctor Emmett Brown, AKA Christopher Lloyd. One would hope that these fine people wouldn't all be doing this just for a laugh. And if they are, kudos on the acting.
We reckon we can see some flaws in the video though. To a keen eye, one might notice small details, the likelihood of invisible wires lifting the actors sky high, imitating the idea of gliding atop the unseen magnetic field, or how the video is chopped and edited. Very rarely do you see the 'Hoverboard' in motion with a rider in the same screen, restricted by slow panning views. Fickle and hypothetical these views may be, but everyone loves a good conspiracy. Maybe there's a new Back To The Future re-release coming out at Christmas they're promoting?

Like a good imagine-your-own-ending novel, there is no definitive truth surrounding the HUVR at this point in time, and honestly, we kind of like it that way. Whatever happens this December (the apparent release date from HUVR, according to a cheeky flux-capacitor-esque countdown timer on the HUVR webpage), we can all rest easy knowing that in little over a year's time, our shoes will tie their own knots – and honestly, that's enough for us.

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