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23 Mar 2022

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How to Style Drake's NOCTA x Nike Hot Step Air Terra

Drake's NOCTA x Nike Hot Step Air Terra
Image Credit: @elliotpagesneakers

Drake is one of the largest recording artists in music right now and an even bigger pop culture icon. When we heard that he was creating NOCTA, his own Nike sub-line, we knew it was going to be an instant hit among sneakerheads and the general public alike. The highly-anticipated arrival of the NOCTA x Nike Hot Step Air Terra debut finally happened on March 3. The lead-up to its release was long, with teasers and leaked pics flying around the internet on a monthly basis since it was revealed in April 2021.

A slew of retailers released either the black or white NOCTA x Nike Hot Step Air Terras and Drake fans and sneakerheads went crazy for them. Plenty of on-foot shots and 'fit pics have since been posted to IG and we've selected our favourites to show you how to style them.

@itsmegodxx​ has pulled up with a classic Drake fit, looking like the 6 God himself! Down below he's opted for a pair of real tree camouflage pants, perfectly complemented by the Arc'teryx jacket and blacked-out hat. Those pants drape perfectly on top of the white pair of Hot Step Air Terras.

We love an all-black 'fit, you love an all-black 'fit and @elliotpagesneakers​ loves an all-black 'fit! Down below, he has on the white colourway of the NOCTA x Nike Hot Step Air Terras letting them be the major contrast point against black double knee work pants. Up top is a nice vintage-looking faded black hoodie, gloves and cap. Clean!

Fans of Drake and Justin Bieber will love @dh_shiva_9613's outfit because its head-to-toe Drew with just a hint of NOCTA. The base layer of the outfit is a matching Drew sweatsuit with a bright yellow jacket matching the Air unit on the Hot Step Air Terras.

Last but not least is @wickeda_​ who's opted for a crisp minimalist fit, letting the Hot Step Air Terras speak for themselves. Modelling in nature, he's chosen a logo-less white crew neck with what looks like wide-leg ADER Error technical trousers. Overall, very slick!

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