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How To Clean Your Kicks With The Reshoevn8r

What is a Reshoevn8r? Sounding like a cyborg sneaker sent from the future, the Reshoevn8r is an advanced sneaker cleaning system developed by inventor Stephen Grear. Claiming to be the easiest and most effective shoe cleaning product around, the Reshoevn8r rejuvenates, deodorises and cleans your stinking soles to make muddy stains a distant memory!

When a Reshoevn8r kit found its way to the Sneaker Freaker office last week, we wasted no time setting it to work on a trio of trashed trainers. Following the clear step-by-step instructions, we hit a local laundromat to put the Reshoevn8r to the test on our beat-up Air Max classics. The process was easy:

1. Insert adjustable waterproof shoe-trees inside the sneakers.

2. Pre-treat any hard-to-clean and stubborn areas with Reshoevn8r brush and solution.

3. Position the soles together inside the washing bag with the material side facing the opposite direction.

4. Throw them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water using mild detergent.

5.  Remove the sneakers from the Reshoevn8r bag, allowing them to completely dry with the waterproof shoe-trees still inside.

After five simple steps, our sneakers came out funky fresh! The Air Max Lights have been restored to their former glory with a hint of floral fragrance. A long-forgotten pair once destined to a lifetime at the bottom of the closet are now ready for some street rockin!

Eco-friendly and affordable, the whole process was a cinch. The adjustable shoe trees relieve any creasing and help to maintain the original form of the sneakers, while the mesh bag actually scrubs the outer surface during the wash cycle.

Thanks to Stephen Grear at Reshoevn8r for the heads up. Head over to their website now to get Reshoevn8ting!

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