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Pusha T Drake 1
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How Pusha T's Diss Could Hurt Drake's adidas Deal

Pusha T’s diss track could have tainted more than Drake’s reputation; it might have screwed up his adidas deal.

Talking to Hot 97, Pusha clarified his adidas line, saying it's a reference to Drake trying to announce his child with a product launch. ‘See the adidas situation is this,’ starts Pusha, ‘allegedly, his new line is called ‘Adidon’, which is named after Adonis, his son. We couldn’t know about your child until you start selling sweatsuits and sneakers?’

If true, and Drake was planning on announcing his kid to the world with a sneaker launch, this could sully public perception. It paints Drake as trying to monetise a kid he (again, allegedly) previously denied was his.

It’s hard not to agree with Pusha when he says, ‘Who rolls out their child with a sweatsuit? I mean, get out of here, what are you doing?’ But, if Drake’s sneaker is fire, we don’t see any moral compasses steering punters away — it’s not like Kanye’s comments have hurt his Yeezy line. Plus, Drake is the king of owning his shortcomings and turning them into wins, so we wouldn’t be surprised if this some way, somehow works in his favour.

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