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How Long Can You Wait for the Air Jordan 4 ‘Lightning’ Retro?

Air Jordan 4 Lightning 2021 Retro Rumour

The all-yellow Air Jordan 4 ‘Lightning’ is an important shoe in mid-2000s golden era sneaker lore. Back in 2006, Jordan Brand released the ‘Thunder and Lightning’ Air Jordan 4 pack exclusively online. To make matters even more challenging, customers had to be existing Team Jordan members! And, the pack released at 4PM on a Wednesday – something completely unheard of in this day and age. The ‘Lightning’ remains a true Grail for diehard collectors to this day, but the quest to cop will be made significantly easier with its rumoured return some time in 2021.

In 2012, the ‘Thunder’ complement was reissued, with multiple rumours that the ‘Lightning’ would imminently follow. Of course, that never eventuated, and they also never showed up in 2018 when the rumours began circulating again. So, maybe it’ll be a case of third time lucky.

If rumours of an August 7, 2021 release are to believed, it’ll be almost exactly 15 years to the day they dropped on August 23, 2006.

Does the reissue of a previously super-rare sneaker tarnish the sanctity of the OG? That is something to ponder while picking out the perfect bumblebee or Wu-Tang Clan-inspired outfit to match with these 4s (yeah, streetwear was in a strange place back then).

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