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House Of Vans Presents Zulu Nation Exhibition

London's House of Vans is a British bunker of fun times. In addition to the skate demos and live shows, the joint also hosts art exhibitions; and the current installation is a tribute to the Zulu Nation, which is a positive hip hop movement many of our readers will be familiar with. Let's get the word on this dope event from the horse's mouth ...

Universal Zulu Nation (UZN) is an international world Hip Hop movement founded by Afrika Bambaataa that has grown through the decades to include a wealth of artists, performers and community activists who have created and used Hip Hop culture for over 40 years as a vehicle for positive change.

This exhibition explores a variety of approaches into the deeply personalized documentation of the Hip Hop phenomenon by four of Britain’s most respected artists: Bunny Bread, Keith Hopewell, Dan Lish and Kings Davis. Having been involved with the culture for over twenty-five years, the artists' different perspectives come together within the art show to represent their very own, independent 'take on' this global phenomenon.

From a (amateurial) photographic documentation of how art is created amongst the modern ruins of 1980s Britain’s council estates to a selection of studio-set portraits of Hip hop's heroes, this exhibition touches elements of urban landscape, live performing as well as the memory of events drafted whilst in everyday transit, offering a rare insight into a once clandestine movement; a time when the culture's young practitioners worked in adversity to the commercial institutions that dominate the fabric of today's contemporary hip hop markets.

The exhibition will be on display at House of Vans Gallery space for an exclusive 10-day run.

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