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Hooda Handmade Hoodies 1
Hooda Handmade Hoodies 1
Hooda Handmade Hoodies 1

Hooda - Handmade Hoodies

The last 12 months has seen the All-Over print hoodie boom to pandemic proportions yet there are still new-comers who are offering something fresh to the market. Reminiscent of Leroy Jenkins styled hoodies, Hooda the all Australian alternative turns up the kitsch-o-meter with their 'crafted with love' range. With a choice of 3 styles, the Original pull-over, the Zip-Up and Limited Edition head turner, matched with a great selection of prints and base colours, you'd be hard pressed to find another service offering as many possible combinations. Simply put, Hooda offers something a little different and refreshingly original; quality fabric and crafted hoodies, personalized, labelless, and made with a love from a mum!

Hooda is the creation of 3 innovative people, Rach, Mike and Mike’s Mum Gail. Started from the apparent need for good quality hoodies that were modest when it came to branding - exclusiveness and individuality is their aim.

These hoodies are few of a kind, so you can be assured that you wont see many of the same prints at the next festival you attend, attention to detail and limited run prints is their trademark. They only purchase enough limited edition prints to create around 15 – 25 Hooda’s. Each Hooda is personally made to order, and is made by Mike’s mum (ex Lee Jeans seamstress and a master sewer with a lifetime of experience)

Head over to the newly launched site where you can choose your hoodie style, lining, limited edition prints and fleece colour.www.hooda.com.au

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