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Hip Hop Ladies With Attitude Festival 3
Hip Hop Ladies With Attitude Festival 3
Hip Hop Ladies With Attitude Festival 3

Hip Hop Ladies With Attitude Festival

Catfight Magazine, Anattitude Magazine and We B*Girlz proudly present the 10-day exhibition 'Hip Hop Ladies with Attitude - Jammin’ Fresh & Def' during the one-month female Hip Hop festival 'We B*Girlz'. We caught up with Anattitude Magazine's Jeannette Petri a couple of months back here, and she gave us a quick heads up about this amazng event. 'After publishing magazines for several years we feel it’s time to present the rich and previously unreleased history of female Hip Hop in general and female graffiti in particular to the public.'

'On the walls you'll see a huge female Hip Hop timeline, and a separate female graffiti timeline with contributions from all over the world. We will also show a retrospective of Martha Cooper’s photographic work of the last 50 years. There will be a 'Women in Hip Hop' library and a hangout space, where you will be able to meet, have a cup of coffee and boost your Hip Hop knowledge. We'll install a jukebox with the hottest female Hip Hop videos and rap tracks, the ones you love and the ones you have never heard of. And to top it off, we'll have a shop with books, mixtapes, and the coolest female Hip Hop clothes brought to you by the ladies of kandie shop.' If you're in Berlin over the next couple of weeks, make sure to check out this extraordinary event.


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