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Here's Where You Can Get The KAWS X Air Jordan 4s

The bumpy, well-documented road to the KAWS x Air Jordan 4 colab has nearly come to an end! By the end of the month, you’ll either be salting your wounds or parading your new grail on every social network you’re signed up for.

But, as we’re sure you’re aware, this is going to be a hard release to get your hands on. KAWS has built his reputation around super rare (and extremely well-crafted) pieces, and this Jay is no exception. Still, that’s not to say you’re out of the running. There are a number of vendors ready to offload their pairs, and we’ve compiled a number of them here. The KAWS 4s will drop on March 31, and hopefully this list can push the odds a little further in your favour.


Head over to Sneakersnstuff online before 6pm CEST, make an account, click a few buttons to prove you’re not a bot and you’ll be able to enter their raffle. If your name is drawn, they’ll hit you back on March 31 with a purchase link.


Livestock require you to do a couple of things to be in with a chance. Head over to their Instagram account, like this photo, tag three friends and drop a comment with your size and city. If you’re in Canada you can also head to Livestock’s stores at LSE in Gastown or Chinatown in Vancouver and enter the raffle in person.


You’ll have to be near the Swiss Alps for this one, but if that’s the case then Titolo are your best shot. They’ll be holding a raffle in-store on March 31 at 9am CET, and winners will have to be there on the day to collect. You can register now, just go pay them a visit with your ID in hand.


END’s ‘Launches’ program makes the raffle process simple and fair – all you need to do is go over to their page and fill in your details. If you win, you’ll be notified via email and the shoes will be automatically shipped. Easy.


Rock up to Overkill’s Berlin store on March 31, but don’t forget to bring your camp gear because you’re likely to be there for a while. But hey, if you walk away with a pair in hand, it’ll all be worth it.


With Feature, you might not even have to pay for the KAWS 4s. The store has linked with HypeBeastKicks to provide one lucky punter with the drop for free. Just follow both stores on Instagram, tag a friend, comment your shoe size and cross your fingers. The giveaway is running worldwide, and winners will be notified on March 31 at 12pm PST via Instagram DM.


Blends are being a little secretive about their KAWS release. Their Instagram directs you to sign up to a newsletter, which will divulge further (still to come) information. We advise you sign up, and stay tuned.


This Spanish retailer isn’t asking much, only that you head over to this photo and follow the directions by 1pm CET on March 30. If you win, they’ll slide into your DMs a few hours later to congratulate you.


Naturally, Marcus Jordan’s Trophy Room has a few pairs of this release waiting in the backroom. They’ll be holding an event at Tier Nightclub, where you’ll be able to sign up for a raffle. Full details can be found on their Instagram.


Another one you’ll have to be in the area for; Bodega’s raffle is available only to people who roll up to their store in Boston. Get there and register your interest before the day’s done on Thursday. If you’re successful, they’ll contact you on Friday with the good news.



You don’t think Nike would miss out on this action, do you? Their news page delivered the first official images and release date, announcing that the shoe would be stocked globally on March 31. The colab isn’t listed on SNKRS just yet, but we think you’d be wise to watch the page diligently in the hours leading up to the release.

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