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Here's How People Are Styling the Air Jordan 1 'Couture'

Heres How People Are Styling Aj1 Couture HeadeerHeres How People Are Styling Aj1 Couture Headeer

has been churning out colourways like there's no tomorrow. And some of the newer colourways, such as the '', have been making a name for themselves — building major hype and selling out.

The Air Jordan 1 'Couture' stayed more low-key, creating a small buzz and selling out in some parts of the globe, while sitting on shelves in full size runs in other parts.

The easy-to-style black and red combo made for a certified banger and, no surprise, took IG by storm. Take a look at how people are styling them below. If you're still looking for these bad boys, head to  StockX.

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