Merrell Jungle Moc Slide
Merrell Jungle Moc Slide
Merrell Jungle Moc Slide

Here’s How People are Styling Merrell’s Lifestyle Heat

Merrell might cater to outdoors enthusiasts with their high-performance footwear and specialised teched-out range, but over the last few years, their silhouettes have become prominent within the fashion space.

In particular, multiple trends have surfaced involving outdoor gear, birthing a subset of streetwear called GORPcore. Those involved in the aesthetic have appropriated the style of hikers, campers and trail runners, including technical gear in their otherwise very ‘streetwear’ wardrobes. The Normcore movement is another trend-driven style that’s proven to be a mainstay, seeing wearers opt for minimal outfits deemed to be ‘normal’, nondescript clothing.

With their broad range of humble and accessible footwear, Merrell have been a heavy presence throughout both these fashion advancements. Two of the most notable models have been the Jungle Moc and Jungle Slide, which are both versatile and an ‘if you know, you know’ style for many of fashion’s elite. Their understated and cosy builds are comfortable yet in-vogue, with the pigskin or nubuck uppers creating a luxurious feel. The subtle tonal hues allow the Moc or Slide to be paired with the usual Normcore denim and work pants or, on the flip side, added to a GORPcore tech outfit for a ‘lounging around the campsite’ look.,

Much louder is the Jungle Moc Explorer, elevated via a technical lace system, colourful panels and tasteful material clashes. Created in an assortment of colourways, they match nicely with a wide range of bottoms. And, of course, there’s the water-born Hydro Moc, popular both on social media and IRL. You may think they’d be hard to style, but thanks to their mule-esque shape, they’re a perfect addition to a simple ‘fit.

Before you get copping, check out how people are styling Merrell’s lifestyle-geared offerings below!

Hit the link below to cop the Jungle Moc Explorer.

Get the Normcore look with the Jungle Slide through the link below.

Scoop your pair of Jungle Mocs through the link below.

Get weird with the Merrell Hydro Mocs through the link below.

Cop any of the Merrell silhouettes above from their web store or one of their many brick-and-mortars.

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