Yeezy BOOST 700 'Sun'
Yeezy BOOST 700 'Sun'
Yeezy BOOST 700 'Sun'

Here's an IRL Look at the Yeezy BOOST 700 'Sun'

This year has seen the Yeezy BOOST 700 step out of the limelight as the brand explored new models like the Yeezy BOOST 380, Yeezy BOOST MNVN and Yeezy BOOST 700 V3 and Foam Runner, among others. Now, Yeezy are returning to the silhouette for the first time since December 2019’s ‘Carbon Blue’, with the ‘Sun’ colourway rumoured for 2021.

We’ve seen a leaked official image floating around the interwebs for a while, but now a new flick from sightbase gives us our first IRL look. The brightest Yeezy BOOST 700 we’ve seen yet, the ‘Sun’ seamlessly blends a new look for the model, while nodding to the original. A foot full of sunshine, the upcoming release is splashed with warm tones from top to toe. The upper shines with gold suede and mesh, while the chunky sole is steeped in apricot and orange. Elsewhere, turquoise underlays pay homage to OG Wave Runner, and black and white accents provide a solid foundation.

There’s no concrete release details for these yet, but sneaker sleuth Yeezy Mafia slates them for an early 2021 release. We’ll keep you posted.

Now ReadingHere's an IRL Look at the Yeezy BOOST 700 'Sun'

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