Rihanna Smoking Up
Rihanna Smoking Up
Rihanna Smoking Up

Happy 4/20 Day!

Easter Sunday? Huh? Let's not be putting up religious barriers between ourselves, it's April 20, 4/20, AKA global dope appreciation day. What's that, ya say? It's not even April 20 yet? Well, we're in Australia and we are four hours and twenty minutes into April 20th. What's that, ya say? You're in Australia, so therefore it's actually 20/4 not 4/20 because you don't use the American dating system? Well you're right, but we want in on this too. And yes, it's not in the spirit of the day to be waking up at 4:20am to post this, but the truth is we have been blazing all night and still have plenty of hours left in us. Today, old friends will meet up for a nostalgic puff, some keen student smokers may congregate at deserted universities to carry the flame of protests past, Wiz Khalifa will release another stuffy-nosed mixtape paying homage to his first great love, and many more Californians will discover they carry a glaucoma risk and simply must obtain a medical marijuana card. Later today we will be bring you some of our favourite weed-themed sneakers, but first let's provide a little bit of a history lesson. While there had been a lot of conjecture about how '420' became a popular nickname for tha ganj, the true origin is widely accepted now – so if you don't know already, listen up. In the 70s there was a group of high school friends who called themselves the 'Waldos' (how cool are crew names, yeah!), who would meet up at 4:20pm after sports practice to drive into the forest to find a mythical abandoned marijuana crop. They never found the fields of green gold, possibly because they were always high when looking for it, but they did birth a term for reefer that their neighbours, stoner rock godfathers The Grateful Dead, would hear and popularise worldwide. Now doobies have been decriminalised in 17 US states and even legalised in a stack of countries (the difference is decriminalised means you only get a violation fine and legalised means you can buy it from your local milk bar without the cops caring), and it's so easy to get that the kids these days prefer to drink cleaning fluid than smoke spinach with their parents. Have a lazy day, freakers!

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