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Hangin' With The Homies Honour Pimp C

Poppin trunks, thumpin' humps and all lean up front – you may think you're fresh, but are you Pimp C fresh? Marking the 18th anniversary of UGK's 96' album Ridin' Dirty, the good fam at Hangin With The Homies have stitched up this special piece in honour of the paper stackin', dirty mackin' king of Houston slang – for only 5 bills a pop. In the words of the late great man himself; 'I just spent 60 Gs on a brand new Eldo-reeze, black-on-black, drop top 'lac, Northstar fifth wheel on the back, sometimes I feel like Lil' Ke when my trunk steady hummin', had to leave my bitch cause' I fell in love with my chrome-plated woman. Real players know how to treat their woman. Rest in freshness, Pimp C. Get them now before they're all gone...

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