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Gucci Have Released a $12 Sneaker... In Virtual Form

gucci virtual 25 nft sneaker on white
gucci virtual 25 nft sneaker on white
gucci virtual 25 nft sneaker on white

Luxury label Gucci have unveiled a brand new $12 sneaker designed by head honcho Alessandro Michele himself. The catch? The pair only . While it is not exactly a non-fungible token (NFT), the sneaker is a huge step forward to the brand’s ever-growing digital catalogue.

The Virtual 25 sneaker will cost $9 to $12, as reported by Business of Fashion. Basically, the sneaker is a photo filter that superimposes itself onto the user’s feet using AR technology. Created in collaboration with Belarusian design studio Wanna, the sneaker is available for purchase exclusively on Gucci’s mobile app.

‘In five or maybe 10 years, a relatively big chunk of fashion brands’ revenue will come from digital products… Our goal as a company is to actually supersede the product photos… and substitute it for something which is way more engaging and closer to offline shopping,’ says Wanna co-founder and CEO Sergey Arkhangelskiy.

Users will be able to flex their Guccis on a variety of other digital spaces and game avatars, including Roblox. For future digital drops, Gucci plans on creating limited editions, which they hope will carry value on the secondary market.

This isn’t the brand’s first venture into the space. Keen gamers will recall the digital Gucci clothing the brand made available for Pokémon Go. Additionally, rivals such as Louis Vuitton have designed skins for games like League of Legends.

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