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07 Jun 2018

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GOAT Let's You Cop Professionally Cleaned Sneakers for Cheap!

Goat App Clean Sneaker FreakerGoat App Clean Sneaker Freaker

GOAT is already one of the world’s biggest and best sneaker marketplaces, but they’re looking to hand consumers another ‘W’ with the introduction GOAT Clean. Currently in beta, the new function allows sneakerheads to cop at 20-50 per cent off resale.

Every sneaker sold through GOAT Clean is professionally spruced up, graded and photographed. The process includes extensive scrubbing, washing of the shoelaces, and removal of lint on the lining. Leather kicks will also get a special smoothing treatment.

So you know exactly what you’re copping, GOAT Clean makes use of a grading system where each section of the refurbished shoe is given a rating. As with all purchases from the platform, every pair gets authenticated by the team’s gurus before being shipped out.

Sellers are still unable to participate in the GOAT Clean program, but that will change as soon as it transitions from its beta version. You can check out GOAT Clean now on your GOAT smartphone app.

07 Jun 2018

News Fashion

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