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#glowgate: Do Your 'chocolate/Gum' Yeezy 750s Glow In The Dark?

Kanye’s ‘Chocolate/Gum’ Yeezy Boost set the internet on fire when they dropped, but now they’re lighting it up for another reason – Glowgate. Like most things online, it all seems to have started with a ,Reddit post. An r/streetwear user, Itsanamethatidk, posed a simple question – ‘Do the Chocolate 750s glow in the dark?’ No one was really able to answer him, and people have been squabbling over it ever since.

Some Redditors in the original thread claim to have worn the shoes all day and night without seeing any effect, while others are saying that you need to 'charge' the soles with light from an iPhone. People on Twitter have even posited that only high voltage studio lights to do the trick.

As Reddit is pretty much the internet's repository for trolls, and with such conflicting evidence, it's easy approach Glowgate with knee-jerk dismissal. But unless Redditors have schemed an elaborate hoax for nothing more than cheap thrills (possible), it looks like there's more to the story. There were glowing-soled Yeezy 750s released back in June – which has led some to the, not entirely farfetched, conclusion that the soles we're seeing glowing on the Chocolate 750s are one in the same.

Judging by the evidence to date, this appears to be the most reasonable answer. However, some Chocolate 750s having a glowing sole – while others do not – would be a huge inconsistency for such a premium release. It would either mean that adidas have done so as kind of Easter egg for buyers, or that the wrong soles were used in production. Yeezy owners are bound to feel a way in any case. After all, if the glowing soles are rarer they're sure to fetch a higher resell price.

And if someone ordered them not knowing they were buying the footwear version of a car with underbody LEDs, they mightn't be happy either.

Whatever the case, adidas are yet to comment on Glowgate and we won't know anything for sure until they do. If you have glowing Chocolate 750s, get at us in the comments section. If not, stay tuned and we'll update you with more info as soon as it's available.

pics via HS and UTS.

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