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19 Nov 2009


Get In Bed Etnies

Etnies Hotel Room Jpg 1Etnies Hotel Room Jpg 1

Etnies has created a hotel room that tells the story of its skateboarding roots through design. The ocean view hotel room is located in Laguna Beach, California in Casa Del Camino Hotel, and will open to rent starting this weekend. Etnies has focused heavily on eco-skate design through the leadership of Pierre Andre Senizergues, who worked with Don Brown and fellow etnies skateboarders closely to reach the final product. Read the press below for more information.


Additional details on those design highlights:
- Shoe Scrap Headboard is the main highlight of the room and is a conceptual reflection of what etnies is best known for, skate footwear. The 6' x 11' mammoth mosaic consists of remnants of shoe material scraps that etnies uses in the research and design process as they create footwear.

- Reversed Shadow Box Wheel Mirror features a panel of skate wheels of different sizes, durometers, brands and colors to reflect the diversity that is found within the skate world.

- Custom Desk and Shelves are built from Sunflower Seed Stalk, giving it a natural gritty feel that is stocked with etnies merchandise. Each guest who stays in the room receives their very own etnies hat as a take away from their stay.

- Skate Free Mini Bar is etnies take on what they love best - skateboarding. Four complete skateboards will be available for guests to take out for a day of cruising the streets of Laguna Beach. The boards currently available for guests to choose from are Jose Rojo, Kyle Leeper, Sean Malto and Ryan Sheckler pro models.

- Graffiti Malibu is a one-of-a-kind portrait of a skate pool high in the cliffs that sits above the ocean where skaters experience the beauty of the beach, while enjoying their passion. Artist Parvez Taj with photography by Gilles delaPointe created this art piece on recycled plastic material.

- It's Not Where You're Going, It's How You Get There is an original creation by Mike Manzoori that lies on the ceiling of the room and through the bathroom, finding its home above the shower. Manzoori dipped his skateboard in paint and rolled it around to create this conceptual piece.

- The Pool Sink - This pool shaped sink was inspired by the iconic Chicken's Pool skate spot that is located in Orange County, California and is famous because it was the first privately built pool specifically for skateboarding. Skateboarders prefer concrete over water in a pool to skate in, and when dry this sink can be skated with a fingerboard.

- Skate Study House Godfather Chair created by Pierre Andre Senizergues and designed by Gilles delaPointe, this is a skate and eco update to mid-century modern iconic furniture.

- Skate Culture Elements are featured in the room through the following:

- Motion sensitive LCD inset in the bathroom plays video of etnies team rider Kyle Leeper's fluid skateboarding.

- IPOD music list features favorite music from skate videos and other songs from bands and artists who have played significant roles in shaping skate culture.

19 Nov 2009


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