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G-Street's Top 10 G-Shocks Of 2015 So Far

Thumbg Shock Men In Camo Series 5
Ga 110 Gd 9 B2 Jf L
Gd 120 Mb 1 Jf L
Ga 200 Gd 9 Bjf L
G Shock Gd X6900 Pm 1 Jf
G Shock Ga 400 A 2 Ajf
G Shock Men In Camo Series 5
G Shock Gd X6900 Ht 4 Jf
Gold Medal
G Shock Men In Camo Series 3
Ga 110 Mb 1 Ajf L
G Shock Dw 5600 Pm 1 Jf
Ga 1000 9 Gjf L

Pens down! We're a quarter of the year through and we've already seen a boatload of beautiful G-Shocks arrive in stores, so G-Street has taken pause for thought to consider their favourites of the year thus far. The G-Street staff have headed to their glory corner and argued for their favourite releases to be included in this here top 10, and of course it was a heated discussion. They came to unanimous agreement on the top five though, with the G-Shock Heathered, G-Shock Mission Black and G-Shock Polarized series all slipping in, and of course that G-Shock Men in Camo three-pack holds a starring role. Flick through the gallery above to see G-Street's choices and read the model names below so you know what to ask your G-Shock retailer.

10. G-Shock GA-110GD-9B2JF
9. G-Shock GD-120MB-1JF
8. G-Shock GA-400A-2AJF
7. G-Shock GD-X6900PM-1JF
6. G-Shock Men In Camo Mudman
5. G-Shock GD-X6900HT-4JF
4. G-Shock GA-1000-9GJF
3. G-Shock DW-5600PM-1JF
2. G-Shock GA-110MB-1AJF
1. G-Shock Men In Camo Frogman

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