G Shock Gd 120 Cm 4 D
G Shock Gdx 6900 Cm 8 D
G Shock Gdx 6900 Cm 5 D
G Shock Gd 120 Cm 8 D
G Shock Gd 120 Cm 5 D

G-Shock To Release New 'camo Series'

What you’re looking at above is a set of five new G-Shocks, three are GD-120CM models and the final two are big case GDX-6900CM beauties, all slathered in downright vicious camo coverings. The GDs take on black/red (our fave), grey and traditional olive army camo renderings, while the big boys move away from the blotchy steez to a more streaky, forest camo in two colourways. Peep the beauty shots and read up on the model specs over at G-Street.

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