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G-Shock The World - Nyc Party Recap!

We love a party as much as we love sneakers and any chance to visit the big apple for a knees up is fine with us! The invitation promised to 'Shock the World' and we were not disappointed. Despite the magazine deadline looming, we had to check ourselves, before we wrecked ourselves and after 24 hours in a big bird, we hit the ground running, going straight to the luscious venue known as Ciprianis down near Wall Street.

With invitations drawn up by the man himself, the lure of Kanye's personal performance was enough to have even the most ardent NY scenesters working the phones to get on the door list. This had to be the scorchingest ticket in town - we even saw cool cats crying on the street to be let in!
After a concise press conference, this year's major collabs were introduced (peep the heat from Redman, Mister Cartoon, Stevie Williams and Todd Jordan) and a new range called G-Shock Mini was unveiled. Official duties over, a free-flowing bar dealing out a blitzkrieg of drinks certainly got things moving in a hurry. It wasn't long before the atmosphere cranked up a notch and the crowd was primed to get loose to the Yeez himself. Kanye crept onto stage to a rapturous roar from the hipsters, suits and assembled throng of digital watch enthusiasts. What followed was an epic 45 minute performance complete with extended monologues and dancers who began dismantling the stage as the show wore on - like him or love him, Kanye loves the spotlight and this show was all about him!
We copped some nice long range pics of the show (on the downlow of course!) along with a sneaker peeker of next season's watches, especially the new G7900 which is the raddest new G-Shock we've seen for years! Thanks to everyone at G-Shock for their warm hospitality and watch this space, as we Shock the World!

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