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Thumb G Shock Camo Ball 11
G Shock Camo Ball 1
G Shock Camo Ball 2
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G Shock Camo Ball 11

G-Shock 'camo Ball' Nyc Photo Recap

It's been a long while since we first saw the G-Shock Camo Series revealed, but it has remained en vogue and is still selling well across the globe. The Northern Hemisphere now wakes with a smile on its collective face and bakes in the summer rays, so all those bare wrists are going to need some swaggy accoutrements, meaning the G-Shock Camo Series is gonna be creeping into view once again. To celebrate the range, G-Shock USA recently hosted a sorta gala ball for streetwear socialites and G-Shock fans in New York City, with as stringent a dress code as these cool guys would ever tolerate – everyone who attended had to wear one item of camo clothing. Some went subtle with it, others mobbed out in full military garb, but everyone could be seen quite easily; which is a bit of a shame, this was a massive missed opportunity to deck the whole venue out in camouflage and have the attendees disappear into the walls! Chameleon parties just ain't poppin' anymore, eh? Bangin' DJ sets were provided by New York’s own DJ Wonder and Los Angeles-based Soulection DJ SOSUPSERSAM, and it appears a damn fun and funky time was had by all. Peep the gallery above for pictorial proof. Via G-Street.

Pics by Dorothy Hong.

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