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Fwd Mtn Auction For Heart Research UK

Forward Motion is a charity auction created in honour of fallen UK Skate legend Steve 'Bingo' Binks to raise funds for Heart Research UK. A skate visionary and the man behind Mischief skate store, the premature death of 'Bingo' at 35 years young sent shockwaves throughout the skate community not in just the UK, but worldwide. FWD MTN has rallied some of the world's most influential artists, skateboards and brands to donate some of their prized possessions to be auctioned for the cause. Going live August 1 via Ebay, the auction will feature pieces from brands and artists including Supreme, Hosoi Skateboards, John Cardiel, Eric Koston and more. All proceeds are going to assist in saving lives across the UK, so kick and push your way to the Forward Motion website for more details on how to get involved.

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