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Friday Fresh Beats: Schoolboy Q, Future, Adrien Broner

Thumb Pharrell Future Move That DopeThumb Pharrell Future Move That Dope
Pharrell Future Move That Dope
Screen Shot 2014 03 06 At 5 23 39 Pm

Losing his first pro boxing fight may just be the impetus Adrien Broner needed to step up his rap career, because he looks to be getting serious, dishing out a new song featuring Rick Ross. Taken from his upcoming mixtape, About Billions, '40' is Broner's ode to his love of all things with four and zero in it – 40 hoes, the 40/40 Club, 40 bricks of cocaine, MP40 guns, 40 thousand dollar watches, 40 thousand dollar pinky rings, earning 40 thousand dollars quickly, putting someone in jail until 2040 and much, much more. He also orders people to now address him personally as '40'. Throughout the reasonably painful song Broner shouts a lot and comes out sounding like a poor man's Meek Mill, which is ironic because he's way richer than him. We've heard worse results when sportsman try their tongues at rhyming though.
Next up for critiquing is Schoolboy Q's new film clip for 'What They Want'. Personally, I was hoping for 'Los Awesome' to get some gangsta visual but people know what 2 Chainz looks like so I guess he was always gonna get a single drop. In this clip we're talking strip clubs and shaking thighs, cemeteries, churches, run down neighbourhoods, grim reapers, and horn sections that don't make any noise in this video. It's a melancholy joint but is hypnotic if you keep listening to it. Plus, one of the SF crew swears his phone is ringing the whole time this song ever plays. Listen and maybe you'll feel it too.
Finishing off the big day, Future also sets free the video for his latest club banga 'Move That Dope', and it's… dope. Ronald Reagan masks (crack babies born in the 80s reference?) Future makes a call on the brick phone and wears a ridiklas backwards women's coat, Wiz Khalifa makes a call on a land line, Pharell dons that hat and does a little jig at the end of his rap, and they even removed the wack verse by Future's brother, Casino, so it's all fire power, FIRE! Watch it below.

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