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Friday Fresh Beats: Drake, Lil B, Rick Ross

Drizzy DrakeDrizzy Drake
Lil B New Video

Some fresh audio and visual entertainment worth your ear and eye time here. Let's bust this quick, first up shows us he's no by not taking any time off from the studio while on tour – he dropped a couple of tracks this week. First up was 'Draft Day', in honour of his prodigious protege Johnny Manziel, and now 'Days In The East'. Listen to it below...

Next up, the big homie, . Usually a lone wolf in his clips, the BasedGod uses this video to show he has friends, even if they are teenagers. Choice lines in this one include, 'I pimp myself like I pimp a hoe' and, 'I merc young ni$$as and I merc old ni$$as, I don't go outside no mo ni$$a, I'm in my mansion with these bad bitches dancing'. Poetry. He mainly bops around on top of a car and throws dollar bills up, with his pants sagging at a new record low. Great stuff. Watch it here...

To make it up to for supporting last week, here we have the Teflon Don's latest legit film clip. There's some money raining, nice cars, copious product placement, and some straight gorgi scenes from Gay Pa-ree. It's a cool travel video if nothing else, plus doesn't Ross look super cute in a Jordan jersey?

Finally, watch this funny unreleased commercial (supposedly for AT&T) featuring Future's 'You Deserve It'...

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