Streaker Shox 2
Streaker Shox 1


It's Monday, it's cold and it's pretty crappy outside here in Melbourne, so seeing how we're in mid World Cup mode and in need of a pick me up, we've dug out this video gem from the depths of 2008 to slap some smiles to ya dials. While this could quite possibly be the greatest bare-nut dash we have ever seen in a sporting arena, we wanna send a solid shoutout to the home boy for his sneaker of choice. For a keen eye (not so keen speed through to 00:24 second mark) it's almost like old mate with the camera was slipped a cheeky couple of quid for some product placement, as home boy in the scarf is throwing down a saucy 1-2 number on the corner post celebrating his sneaking success, BOOM, there they are, beaming like rays of springy sunlight – a racy beat-down pair of Nike Shox NZ. Serious stepping power. Word up anonymous streaker for curing our Mondayitus, we salute you.

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