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For The Homies - Dreamer Collection

For The Homies Warreyeb 1For The Homies Warreyeb 1
For The Homies Rick B 2 1
For The Homies Unite Wb 1
For The Homies Bbb 1
For The Homies Warreyew 1
For The Homies 1986B 1
For The Homies Dotman B 1
For The Homies Ppw 1
For The Homies Bbw 1
For The Homies Eddieb 1

Local street label For The Homies has been going great guns ever since it first opened for bizness. Having laced peeps with their fresh denim and deluxe leather, it's the tees that remain the superstar of the brand, due mainly to CEO Pete Le Chic's knee jerking sense of humour and keen eye for detail. Make sure you hit them up today, as we promise you these will not be round for long!


From the pioneers of hip hop to the indigenous people of Australia, For The Homies is forever inspired by those who have fought, and those who continue to fight for a voice for their people. The S/S 2010 range takes its name from the Dreamtime of Indigenous Australian culture: the infinite spiritual cycle that informs the values, symbols and laws of society. This range was created of our basic desire and need to pass on fragments of knowledge, values and beliefs to later generations. Like everyone else, our purpose for being is to leave behind a contribution, however big or small. In the process, we have attempted capture an aesthetic that fuses avant-garde design with the slow-burning nostalgia of past decades.

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