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05 Oct 2010

Industry News

'Flip Flops' Quiksilver X Sneaker Freaker

Flip Fliops Quicksilver Sneakerfreaker Main Image 1
Flip Fliops Quicksilver Sneakerfreaker 1
Flip Fliops Quicksilver Sneakerfreaker Shorts 1
Flipflops 1
Flip Fliops Quicksilver Sneakerfreaker Label 1
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We’ve been getting extra jiggy with our product design and here’s the first online look-see at our new partnership with Quiksilver! You probably noticed we’re not a surf magazine by now... but with Quik’s larrikin aussie heritage and our own knack for colabs, this oddball alliance containing board shorts and flip flops somehow makes perfect sense!

The FLIP FLOP name gave us an ingenious idea to try something different... and not wanting to make life too easy, we pushed Quiksilver to the technological limit. Reversible shorts usually have two clumsy layers of fabric but with some experimentation, we proved that a single layer of quick-dry nylon can be printed on both sides. The result is remarkably lightweight shorts that can handle both the city and the beach in one outing.

Like a well groomed mullet, you’ll literally get the best of both worlds – business on the outside and party on the inside!

But wait, there’s more! Made using a welded ‘no-sew’ construction for a super-smooth finish, we embellished the shorts with powder-coated drain holes and a new snap-closure system designed especially for this project. The kinetic pattern is called ‘Night Terra’, which we have dubbed ‘the best colourway never to have appeared on a sneaker!’

The crisp colour combo is further enhanced by the natural suede flip flop straps, ensuring you also get to roll in luxurious comfort this summer. We simply couldn’t let the chance to design an outrageous vessel for our creative seed go to waste either.  Witness our spectacular pentahedron packaging. At a whopping 16 inches long, this is almost as epic as the Great Pyramids of Giza!

Look out for these in awesome European stores or you can buy a pair in our online store now!

05 Oct 2010

Industry News

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