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Fka Twigs X Nike
Fka Twigs
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Fka Twigs X Nike Sneak Peek

UPDATE: FKA Twigs and Nike have added weight to any sense that something important is coming with a new video. Titled Do You Believe In More, the short film is one packed with emotive, visceral choreography performed by members of Twigs' creative clique. Masters of a variety of disciplines dance in eccentric dress to  'Trust in Me', while Twigs intones personal mantras. As with most things Twigs puts out, it's a trip.


The video is accompanied by an essay on sport and expression, in which Twigs hints at her approach to her new role as creative director of Nike Women's Spring Zonal Strength Tights campaign. The revelation that this role is what Nike was hinting at with the below teaser slightly dampens hopes of a sneaker colab, but the partnership means we're at least one step closer to getting an FKA Twigs Nike on foot.


In a surprise move, the enigmatic FKA Twigs has hinted at an upcoming colab with Nike. Her Instagram account features a short video, later joined by two supporting images, of a group of dancers dressed in active wear on top of a brutalist monument. The mysterious clip finishes with the UK star dipped in Swooshes, lifting her foot to give a fleeting glimpse of, what appears to be, a Nike outsole before a co-branded logo closes the video.


Although there’s no official information at this stage, her Instagram feed also features what appears to be a Freehand Profit-style sneaker mask created from a Air Huarache – joined by the cryptic caption of ‘do you sense when something important is about to be happening?’ Adding more fog to the feed, an image showing Nike-affiliated Olympic fencer Miles Chamley-Watson also features with a similarly opaque quote.


Those whose interest has been piqued by the curious pairing will have to stay tuned. It appears both camps may be gearing up for a big reveal – and if the final product rises to the hype generated by the teaser campaign, it could be one of the most intriguing colabs of the year.

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