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24 Aug 2014


Five Stupid Funny Sneaker Vines

Funny Sneaker VinesFunny Sneaker Vines
King Bach

Vine is one of those puzzling social media phenomena that most folks over 24 just don't understand. Six second videos – what's the point? Plenty of DIY entertainers have found a point though, and we've discovered sneaker comedy is a flourishing genre of Vine skit. There's stacks of 'em knocking about, but here are five of our favourite recent efforts, including a couple from previously featured Jordanhead, Jerry PurpDrank. Enjoy!

'Always Save The Js'

Giving out girlfriends

Old sneakers vs new sneakers

We don't have any more Jordans

Jordan Fairy

Encore performance - Tip toeing in my Jordans

24 Aug 2014


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