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First Live Look at the Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard 2.5

Bill Powers Half Gallery Nike Tom Sachs Mars Yard 2.5

With the incessant rumours of the notoriously hard-to-get Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard getting reissued some time in 2020, this new image of yet another variant only makes things murkier.

Revealed on Instagram by Half Gallery boss Bill Powers, he refers to the new shoe as the Mars Yard 2.5, seemingly a riff on the 2.0 edition from 2017 that is the apple of many sneakerheads’ eyes (good luck finding the 2012 OGs). Upon closer inspection of this single photo, there are both some obvious changes and others subtler.

The most conspicuous feature is the black rubberised toe bumper reinforcement, which likely helps prevent the tearing that ‘decorated’ the original Mars Yard iteration following prolonged use (an accidental design feature by Sachs). Less noticeable is the translucent TPU insert on the midfoot and toe box panels used in place of the closed cell mesh on version 2.0. Elsewhere, red Swoosh branding, beige overlays, and metal hardware continue the Mars Yard aesthetic. Underfoot, it looks like the SFB-style midsole has been reprised.

Before everyone gets too excited, do take note of Powers’ caption: ‘NFS’. So, rule out a retail release for the time being, as it seems the Mars Yard 2.5 is just for Friends and Family... for now(?).

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