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Nike Womens Revolt
Nike Womens Revolt

Female Employees' Complaints of Toxic Culture Prompt Sweeping Changes at Nike

It appears that for many women, life inside the world's leading sportswear brand is not what it seems. The New York Times  revealed that complaints of discrimination, sexual harassment and obstructed career paths were ignored by the company's human resources department. The inaction prompted a group of female employees to take matters into their own hands.

The Times reports: 'Covertly, they surveyed their female peers, inquiring whether they had been the victim of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. Their findings set off an upheaval in the executive ranks of the world’s largest sports footwear and apparel company.'

The survey's findings were sent to CEO Mark Parker in early March, catalysing a string of high-profile departures including brand president, Trevor Edwards his right-hand man, Jayme Martin.

Inside the Swoosh, promotions and leg-ups seemed to go to 'Friends of Trevor’ (an inner-circle group of men known as FOT) in disproportionate volume. It's no wonder high-ranking and longtime female employees began leaving Nike – while human resources looked the other way, and with careers stalled, there seemed little point in staying.

But change is afoot. Men whose behaviour was reported are stepping down and out, women are being promoted to roles they've long deserved, and Nike are finally addressing issues that this year's #MeToo movement has made impossible to ignore any longer.

For a more in-depth read, check it out here.

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