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Drake Air Jordan 61
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Is Our Fake Drake Air Jordan 6 Actually Being Made?

Back on April Fools Day this year we pulled a prank; we pretended there was a new release from the Drake x Air Jordan partnership. We whipped up a special black and gold Jordan 6 on photoshop, an imagining of what the lil baby sneak of big daddy Defining Moments and lil mama Golden Moments would look like with an October's Very Own owl stamped on it. The article went a bit ballistic, despite our referencing of the April Fools' Day Wikipedia page as the source and some ridiculous supposed quotes from Drake and absurd distribution plans (1.5 million would be created), a lot of people took it at pic value and it became one of our most viewed new release posts of all time. There wasn't a dry mouth or dry eye as Jordan and Drake fans told of their thirst for the release on our Facebook page.

The tears of joy would soon turn to true painy-style ones though, as we revealed it was a (not particularly) elaborate hoax. We even accidentally embarrassed a few reputable blogs who've had their fact checking budgets slashed. Apologies. We did try to help the heads out though, our final line in the reveal article asked the question of Jordan Brand – please consider making these. At risk of getting too excited and being done over by a hoax ourselves, we're going to tread cautiously here, BUT it looks like someone has manufactured the model, and that may or may not be Jordan Brand. Pictures have surfaced from the usual outlets that leak factory fresh pre-release pairs of an Air Jordan 6 looking pretty much exactly like our design. You can see it in the gallery above sitting on someone's table. It may just be a really good custom job or a straight fake, but the word from the inside is that these are actually being produced – either just for Drake's OVO crew to lace up or a wider release. So, the short answer to the question posed in the title is: we don't know. Goddamn, we hope it is being made though and if it is all we want is a stack of them sent straight to our office. And Jordan Brand, if this is you and you've got time, pull that owl graphic around to the lateral side a bit more and switch up the suede for some smooth black leather. Thank Me Later. Pics via Long 7.

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