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Faces And Laces Moscow 2
Faces And Laces Moscow 2
Faces And Laces Moscow 2

Faces And Laces - Moscow

The exhibition starts off from 18 till 19 April 2008. It's the second time the interactive exhibition project dedicated to the latest streetwear and visual communication "faces and laces" takes place in Moscow. It is a meeting place for communication of various subcultures representatives and their intersections: snicker street wear, graffiti, street art, illustration, vinyl and designer toys production. The aim is for unity of those who love what they do. One of the essential parts of the project is the exclusive sneakers display, which design was produced by Russian "street influence" artists and designers. Major customizing models displayed are Nike Dunk, Air Force1 and Air Max (1 and 90). The exhibition also involves famous European graffiti writers, such as DELTA (Amsterdam), STAK (Paris), ONE POINT (Prague), CREAM (Berlin) and IK (Kiev). The format of the event also suggests participation of such musicians as AARON LACRATE (NYC), MUJUICE + DZHEM, FLAMMABLE BEATS DJs and many many others. Russian Kixbox store will present Stussy's art project retrospect: RON LEIGHTON, SHAWN STUSSY, MICHAEL MILLER, JUERGEN TELLER, TERRY RICHARDSON, LAWRENCE PASSERA, PHIL KNOTT, KENNETH CAPPELLO and many other participating photographers, illustrators and graffiti designers. "Stussy meets Kixbox" draws a preface of a two month pop-up Stussy store in Moscow.

As Anton, the organiser states, "since the last display a lot has changed: Moscow's fashion life features fine streetwear blogs, new Russian issues with loads of informative articles on the subject. One can easily purchase unseen fashion brands, rare sneakers, those ones we believed were available only on the market abroad. The consumer possesses better taste, is more selective and thoughtful for their choice of streetwear and fashion, while our project has become large-scale and breaks the boundaries of and ordinary gallery display. As well as famous modern brands with their own subculture history, the opening project gathers a number of Moscow's most interesting fashion issues and presents street wear stores and internet projects of the day."



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