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Ex-Employee Arrested for Allegedly Stealing $50k Worth of Sneakers from GOAT Warehouse

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A 26-year-old male has been arrested for allegedly stealing approximately $50,000 from the warehouse in Secaucus, New Jersey. Daqwaun Ralls is facing multiple burglary, theft and weapons charges in conjunction with four separate heists at the app-based sneaker marketplace’s warehouse.

A former GOAT employee, Ralls has purportedly been jacking sneakers from the warehouse since October, 2018. It’s been reported that Police had responded to burglaries on three separate occasions, before finally catching him in the act on March 10. The specific items taken from the warehouse haven’t been disclosed, but Secaucus police captain Dennis Miller says the break-ins resulted in about 50 pairs being stolen. Quick maths points to each stolen pair being worth approximately $1000, so it’s safe to assume Ralls had hype in his sights.

GOAT are yet to comment on the arrest, but they've probably got more to deal with at the moment.

Do the right thing, sneakerheads.


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