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25 Nov 2015


German Dude Invents Sneaker Size Search Engine

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Sorting through the mire of the online sneakersphere can be exhausting. All you want is a particular shoe in your size, but rarely does a Google search lead you straight to your prey – you still have to navigate sneaker stores' interfaces and drop down menus. It's a system that can often lead to serial heartbreak. In another victory for those preferring convenience over the humble sneaker treasure hunt, a new site has popped up that scans sites to find out if you can cop your size of your new faves in seconds. It's called, and Pascal Prehn cornered the creator of the German sneaker search engine to get the skinny on how it operates.

Hey Denis, this is a nice idea. Tell us a bit about it ...
We have worked in the industry a long time, and both of us were asked the same questions from readers and friends everyday, 'Can you help me finding this sneaker in my size?' We tried to help, but with so many sneakers releasing everyday and so many stores stocking them, it was nearly impossible. Even if we knew that the shoes are still available in the stores, you had to search all of them to check if they have your size left. Even Google does not show you all of the results. We sat together and thought, how we can solve that problem, and the idea was born.

How does that work?
Our connections to the stores enables us to set up this page of stores and link up their combined stocks to better serve the consumer. We get a special feed, which shows the 'real time availabilty' in the stores. So, when you search through our page and type in a name,  you will find all shoes in your size that are currently available in the stores. You click on the link and will be directed to the page of the store. We bring together all releases, which are available in Germany that you can buy now.

How many products do you have catalogued for now?
Over 5400 different pairs and counting. We're getting more and more stores on board. We currently work with the best, like Solebox, Overkill, Asphaltgold, and many more.

What are your plans for the future?
We just started to improve the page a bit. You now can share your shoes via whatsapp, which is pretty unique, as no one has done that before. Most kids surf with their mobile phones, so our page is responsive and easy to use. That's what led us to produce that small gimmick, and the people like it so far. We aim to go international in early 2016, as we already have many stores from overseas asking us to do so.
We also try to be a place for sneakerheads, serving them news on releases, interviews, etc. We are not a magazine, but the people should use as their daily 'go-to page' when they search sneakers [ed's note: Nah, stick with for that, guys]. Maybe we'll do an app? Finding limited sneakers would also be very interesting, as we can see how many people search for 'Yeezys' on our page. There are some things happening, that's for sure.

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25 Nov 2015


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