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Event Recap: The Nike Joyride Lights up Chilly Melbourne

Beads ahoy! Thousands of tiny glowing beads filled a chilly Melbourne CBD this week to celebrate the launch of the Joyride, Nike’s latest cushioning technology that’s been 10 years in the making. Hosted at No Vacancy Gallery, the venue resembled the candy-coloured phantasmagoria of youth, each corner of the room lit-up with mountains of Nerd-like orange and blue beads. But the technology on display was far from juvenile, as the Joyride has been specifically developed to transform and respond to your unique running style. It’s what Nike call ‘zonally-tuned pods’, and involves thousands of malleable TPE beads of plastic and rubber that sit inside the midsole to create a luxurious footbed.

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Designed for the rookie and reluctant runner, the Joyride Run Flyknit contains around 10,000 beads in each sneaker, and is constructed with minimalist, Flyknit uppers that ditch the sock-liner to accentuate the cushioning.

The Joyride is the most eccentric cushioning technology we’ve seen from Nike in a decade, and wearing the Run Flyknit for the first time is downright strange. It’s almost as if the arch of your foot is resting on a small mound of sand. After a short jog, you can feel the Joyride technology transform around your feet, adding a level of cushioning that’s unparalleled. It’s the closest Nike runners have come to having a living organism operating in the sole.

Lydia O Donnell Nike Joyride Run Flyknit Shoelaces
'The venue resembled the candy-coloured phantasmagoria of youth'

Lydia O’Donnell, head coach of Nike running, feels the same way.

‘It’s a great way for people to ease into running’, Lydia told Sneaker Freaker. ‘They’re also a great way for professional athletes to pace ourselves on off days.’

Hey, if the Joyride can get our legs moving on a frosty winter’s morning, then best be sure 10,000 beads can pad out whatever arbitrary insecurities you might have about running.

Need more convincing? Take a deep dive behind Nike’s latest running technology.

The Nike Joyride Run Flyknit launches globally on August 15.

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