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Event Recap: Careaux X PUMA Launch Hosted By Subtype Store

Careaux is a Dutch artist whose whimsical illustrations have been making waves with sneaker lovers. An avid footwear fan herself, Careaux has focussed her creative vision on her favourite silhouettes – reimagining them in her own designs to the extent that she has established herself as a footwear designer.

Her latest collection is with PUMA and it’s an expansive one. Featuring six adaptations of three silhouettes, the colab is features powerful pinks, splattered midsoles and her favourite motif: the 'Dedication Flower'.

To launch the collection, Careaux and PUMA linked with Sydney’s Subtype Store for a launch that transformed the store into a wonderland designs and décor informed by the artist’s favourite things. Personalities from Sydney’s sneaker culture were treated to an intimate Q&A, paired with artisanal gelato, fried chicken served in replica sneaker boxes and ample beverages.

Prior to the event, Sneaker Freaker got a hold of Careaux for insights into the collection and how it came to be.

In your first exhibit, All Time Favourites, you had people choose a shoe and explain their connection to it. Could you explain your connection to the PUMA silhouettes in your collection.

The PUMA Blaze of Glory to this day has been one of my favourite silhouettes besides my first brand love which is the PUMA Sparco. The PUMA Basket reminds me of my younger teenage years when I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to be a skater girl or just myself. We did a remake of the 90s vintage model the PUMA Duplex. It is actually a model that my mother really fancies. So my collection is based on five of my most important people. They know who they are!

How does the collection incorporate your #SheCozy aesthetic?

A detail that comes back in every piece from the collection is a rose print called the Dedication Flower. Furthermore, a lot of pink as it is my favourite colour and pastel because I believe that the two colours work well together. I always used to wear black clothes actually and I prefer gold jewellery, so I incorporated those two colours as well.

Are there any details on the shoes in the collection, which may be overlooked, that you’d like to spotlight?

The simple Duotone on the back of the shoes. Which I always use in my illustrations.

Can you walk us through how the PUMA collaboration came to be? How did you go from illustrating sneakers to making them?

I started designing sneakers when I started working for Filling Pieces. Right now I am their women's footwear designer. My biggest dream literally was a collaboration with PUMA, so when they approached me to see if I was interested in designing a collection with them I immediately said yes! It is still hard to believe that my dream came true but I'm glad the opportunity came up.

Is there a PUMA shoe haven’t you worked on that you’d like to?

No doubt about it, the PUMA Sparco! If I can remake this 90s classic it would be delightful.

Are there plans for another collection?

Who knows! Never say never!

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