Koston Nike Air Monarch
Koston Nike Air Monarch
Koston Nike Air Monarch

Eric Koston, Dad, Skates in the Air Monarch

It’s official: the Air Monarch is in. You might not have felt the vibe when Russell Westbrook wore them courtside, you might not have been swayed by Concepts' colab, but now that Eric Koston is on board, the Monarch’s cool has been certified.

Showing his support for ‘Team Monarch,' Koston put together a tidy little Instagram video in which he pulls the sneakers out of a microwave and puts them to the test at an indoor park.

It's not clear whether Koston's ability to shred in the Monarch stems from him being an actual dad, or whether the model's alignment with the bulk of éS-era skate footwear makes it more suited to the task. All that's known is that the Monarch is now 2017's big-hype shoe and should be acquired from NDC while stock lasts.

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