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Engineering Evolution: The Making Of The New Balance 990v4

Nb 990 V4 Inhand
11 Stitch The N Logo
16 Lacing
Nb990 V4 Details 9
Nb Dmv990 81 E1471909276142
Nb 990 V4 Inhand Detail
Nb990 V4 Details 4
990 Sketches1
M990Bk4 2 1
M990Gl4 2 1
Nb990 Nv4 1
Nb990 V4 Details 2

When it was released in 1982, the 990 represented the pinnacle of New Balance performance running, as well as a physical distillation of the brand’s homegrown heritage. With a lofty hundred dollar price tag, the 990 was also one of the first sneakers classified as a legit status symbol – ironic given the humble grey colour scheme shunned the trappings of 80s-era yuppy ostentation. However, those famously understated looks belied the shoe’s tech-laden capabilities. Championing the use of premium materials and astute craftsmanship, the 990 would evolve over the next three decades into what is now known as the 99x series. Each successive iteration planted evolutionary steps, combining the best of everything with an unwavering respect for NB history.

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