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Endstate Have Created a Sneaker NFT to Support Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine

The past year has seen the sneaker NFT (Non-Fungible Token) market expand rapidly, from the ,Ducks of a Feather launch to Nike acquiring RTFKT studios. Jeff Staple, adidas and even Prada have tapped in to participate and way back in April of 2021 we even questioned whether NFTs have a place in the sneaker world. Nevertheless, they are here to stay and the latest development is in support of the humanitarian crisis in the Ukraine. Created by Endstate, they’ve launched an NFT collection containing a sneaker with 100 per cent of the profits donated to humanitarian relief in the Ukraine.

‘Endstate, as a web3-native brand, is taking action here because of our ability to move quickly, energize and engage our community, and allocate funds in a publicly auditable manner,’ Bennett Collen, Endstate co-founder and CEO has said. ‘We will work tirelessly to ensure all proceeds are distributed in a timely and effective manner, and everything will be on chain and publicly auditable. Transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness are our major priorities.’

Interestingly, the sneaker dubbed ‘Ukraine Aid’ designed by co-founder of EndState Stephanie Howard will actually come in physical and digital form. The knitted upper boasts the colours of the Ukrainian flag with ‘мир’ meaning peace in Ukrainian scripted along the medial.

Once the mint is complete, Endstate will then donate all the funds to Direct Relief which is an organisation that works closely with Ukraine’s Ministry of Heath to provide medical aid. They’ll also post the transaction details so it can be publicly auditable in order to be completely transparent. The sneakers and NFT launched today on March 4 at 11:30am United States eastern time. Head to their website here for more information!

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