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Eachtotheirown Lowres2 2
Lr Paris Tremayne Peace On Neptune 2009 1
Lr Ears Rainbow Warrior 2009 1
Lr Regan Tamanui Ben Frost 2009 1
Lr Johnny Romeo Aero Beak Hemp 2009 1
Lr Jae Copp Mama Die Smiling 2009 1
,Lr Matt Benson Parry La Belle Dame Sans Merci 2009 1
Lr Matt  Benson Parry Madura Pass 2009 1
Lr Johnny Romeo Hallo Drill Tooth 2009 1
Lr Paris Tremayne Good Bye 2009 1

Each To Their Own @ Freshly Baked

3D online gallery Freshly Baked hosts Each to their Own, an exhibition showcasing leading lights from the Australian contemporary art scene. Featuring Miss Link (2009 Australian Stencil Prize winner), Jae Copp, Johnny Romeo, Ears, Regan “Ha-Ha” Tamanui, Perth’s Matt Benson-Parry and Paris Tremayne, the virtual gallery will be complimented by a physical exhibition taking place at 1000 £ Bend, an old Harley Davidson factory that’s set to become Melbourne’s newest hipster hive. Each to their Own runs online from September 10th until November 10th, while the brick and mortar gallery is open from September 10th to the 23rd.


1000 £ Bend 361 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne, 3000

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