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01 Feb 2015

Industry News

Dudes Are Filling New Sneakers With Pudding And Getting Off On It

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Sneaker Freakz

Sneakers and pudding are two very enjoyable things, perhaps to be enjoyed together, but always out of reach of one another. This rule should be obvious to all, but as we learned from Gawker, some people just can't grasp the simple shit.

It seems that the pudding + sneaker coupling is thriving as a sub-fetish of the foot variety. It involves acquiring a new shoe (though I'm sure an old one would suffice), filling that hush puppy up with pudding, and then violating the sultry silhouette like the bad, bad shoe it is... Don't believe me? I present Exhibit A:

and while we're at it, B:

This may leave you confused and scared, but in this fear you can take solace that in being someone who doesn't pitch a tent watching this, you're probably not a sexual creep – each to their own, though. The whole 'gunging' debacle continues with shoes being forced into each other and whole alphets being destroyed in the fray. I'd delve into exhibit C but the whole thing gets like a melancholic Spooky Black video with the crooning replaced by someone silently sloshing s in a puddle. Yeah, best you go look at some instead.

01 Feb 2015

Industry News

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